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Terms of use

The learning platform Learn4D365 is operated by MBS-TRAINING, Rene Gayer.
By registering as a user you accept these terms of use. These terms of use govern the contractual relationship between the individual user and the operators of the learning platform.

1. Scope of the Terms of Use
(1) These terms of use apply to the online offer of Learn4D365, which can be accessed on the Internet at www.learn4d365.com . This is a learning platform on which you can also create your user profile or a profile for you after your order is created.
(2) You can call up and print out the currently valid terms of use at www.learn4365.com/termsofuse_en.php .

2. Conclusion of contract and user account
(1) By completing the online registration process and creating a profile, a user contract is concluded with Learn4D365. The object of the user contract is the free use of the profile including videos limited in time (30 days) in order to test our offer.
(2) To create a profile, you need to create a user account. This consists of a user name and a password ("log-in data").
(3) The creation of a user account is only possible by providing a current e-mail address of the user. This e-mail address is also used for communication with the operator.
(4) The user assures that the data used when creating his profile ("profile data") is accurate and complete. The use of pseudonyms is not permitted. Our portal is primarily aimed at business customers and can also be used by private individuals.
(5) The contract language is exclusively German.
(6) The user is obliged to choose a password that cannot be easily guessed by others and does not consist of words or a combination of words found in dictionaries. The User shall keep the password secret and shall not disclose it to any third party (outside the Company).
(7) The user is liable for all purchases and damages made or caused by third parties with your user name and password, if these were caused by your negligent neglect of the secrecy of your password.
(8) If we have reason to believe that the user's account is being misused or fraudulently used, or is being used in violation of these Terms and Conditions, administrators have the right to suspend or disable your account until the matter is resolved. This will not affect your existing payment obligations.

3. Use of the profile
(1) When using the profile, the user can make use of various services:
  • Free - free service with temporary (30 days) access to individual videos.
  • Premium - paid service. Allows access to all learning content for 12 months - does not renew automatically. The account will be deactivated after expiration. Except it will be renewed.
  • Affiliate - paid service that can be offered by premium users. This allows customers of premium users a fee-based access to video training from the application area. The selection of the contents is done by Learn4D365.
  • (2) Learn4D365 is entitled to block access to individual contents at any time, e.g. if it is suspected that these violate applicable law or the rights of third parties. The user has no claim to the maintenance of individual functionalities of the portal.
    (3) Learn4D365 makes every effort to ensure trouble-free operation of the portal. This is limited naturally on services over which the operator has an influence. It is the responsibility of the operator access to the Portal due to maintenance work, capacity requirements, and due to the other events beyond his control, in whole or in part, temporarily or on a temporary basis, or at any time without his control duration. It is not intended for a continuous uninterrupted retrieval of the Website guaranteed. Any liability in this respect is hereby expressly rejected. Also with great care can unfortunately not be excluded downtimes.

    4. Rights of use
    Courses are licensed to you, not sold. Because of this license, you do not have the right to use the to resell the course in any way. (Also not by exchanging your account information with a buyer or by illegal downloading, recording by means of screen recorders, and/or Publish the course.) In legal terms, we will give you (as a participant) a a limited, simple, non-transferable license to view and display the courses and associated content, for which you have paid all required fees, for personal use, for non-commercial educational purposes through the services as set out in these Terms of Use and any existing conditions or restrictions that may apply to certain courses or features of our courses or services. Any other use is expressly prohibited. Without our explicit Consent in writing, by an authorized representative of Learn4D365 you may not reproduce, redistribute or transmit any courses, assign, sell, broadcast, rent, share, lend, change, adapt, edit, create derivative works from, sublicense, or otherwise transfer any of the foregoing or use it. In general, we grant our participants a license for a limited period of time. Free, Premium, Affiliate (via a Learn4D365 partner) access or a temporal unlimited (single purchase of courses) access when you register. However, we reserve the right to reserves the right to revoke a license to access and use any Course at any time if we decide for legal or political reasons, or are obliged, to deny access to or use of this site on a course to deactivate. Courses can also be deactivated if the corresponding learning content is no longer thematically relevant. This decision is up to Learn4D365 or Learn4D365. The portal administrator. The lifelong access authorization does not apply to additional functions. and services associated with a course. For the sake of clarification, it should be noted that the lifelong Access ends if the platform has to be discontinued for commercial reasons.

    4.1 Availability of contents
    Downloading courses is supported by our portal only on iOS and Android. To do this, you can obtain the corresponding app from the app store of the respective operating system and run the courses in this app. The download on Windows, Linux or other desktop operating systems is not supported. Courses are therefore available online, and under iOS and Android online and offline. The required app is available free of charge in the respective App Store. Updates and further developments may cause the app to be temporarily unavailable. There is no guarantee for a continuous uninterrupted access to the website, but at all times the greatest care is taken to guarantee an uninterrupted operation. Any liability in the event of an interruption is hereby expressly excluded. Even with great care, downtimes can unfortunately not be excluded.

    5. Personal data
    (1) The user agrees hereby to the storage of the personal data provided by him. In particular, the user also consents to the display of the personal data entered by him in his profile representation within the portal for other users of the portal and third parties who are not users of the portal.
    (2) The use of the portal makes the collection, processing and use of personal data by the operator unavoidable. The operator assures to handle all stored data carefully and to process them exclusively within the framework of the user's data protection consent. Any further use of personal data by the operator shall only take place if this is legally permissible or if the user has given his prior consent.
    (3) Furthermore, the user agrees that the operator may use the user's personal data for direct marketing purposes. This includes advertising to the user by e-mail and post.

    6. Copyright
    All texts, pictures and other information and data published on our website are protected by copyright. Exept unless otherwise indicated, are all subject to the copyright of our site. Any form of Reproduction and/or modification may only take place with our written permission. Otherwise we reserve the right to take legal action against this infringement. All of them Costs caused by an infringement on the part of a user will be charged to this user in the amount of I've been billed.

    7. Disclaimer
    (1) Learn4D365 assumes no liability for the topicality, correctness and completeness of the provided information on our website. Liability claims against MBS-TRAINING, Rene Gayer or the Learn4D365 learning platform, which refer to material or immaterial damage, the use or non-use of the information presented or the use of any information of incorrect and incomplete information are generally excluded, provided that on the part of the user no demonstrably intentional or grossly negligent fault of MBS-TRAINING, Rene Gayer.
    (2) All offers are subject to confirmation and non-binding. Learn4D365 expressly reserves the right to change, supplement, delete or temporarily or permanently cease publication of parts of the pages or the entire offer without prior notice.
    (3) For damages resulting from a download of our files is a proof to provide that these could not be modified during or after the download. Should the files be modified during or have been changed after a download, we do not assume any liability for any resulting Consequential damages. If it can not be proven that the files in original form damage we assume no liability. The importing, or using of provided Program code in your own applications is at your own risk.

    8. Subject to change
    Learn4D365 has the right to change the terms of use at any time. The change will then be published on the website.

    9. Withdrawal and term of membership from our website
    The term of the Premium Membership starts with the order and with the agreement of the customer. of our terms of use and exists for 12 months. Membership may be terminated at any time without of reasons by us to be dismissed. Free trial accounts remain active. We reserve the right to (free) accounts after a certain period of inactivity (no login in a specific account). time) again. However, a new registration is possible. The premium access will not be automatically extended. They are first automated and, if necessary, renewed by a personal Contact person contacted. Your user account will be deactivated at the end of premium access. The account itself and learning progress remain the same until a contact is established. Reactivation received. If within 4 weeks after the expiration of the premium access we should not receive any we reserve the right to delete the account completely. You purchase in Premium access a time-limited access to the movies/e-books, but not the movies/e-books yourself. As soon as the premium access expires, you have no access and no further right of use. on those movies or e-books. Any kind of duplication using screen recorder software or similar are prohibited under our license laws and will be prosecuted.

    10. Final provisions
    (1) Should the contract contain ineffective regulations, the effectiveness of the rest of the contract remains unaffected.
    (2) The present contract is exclusively subject to Austrian law.