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General terms and conditions

General information

For all business transactions between the customer and Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING exclusively these terms and conditions apply, unless alternative agreements and conditions have been expressly agreed in writing.

Offer and prices

All offers by Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING are subject to confirmation. Only through the written confirmation of orders by Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING will confirm these for Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING binding. All prices are quoted in Euro without value added tax. They apply only for the order at hand. The prices quoted are exclusive of the place of business or place of business of the contractor. The costs of any contractual fees shall be invoiced separately. and you've put me on the spot. The costs for travel, daily and overnight allowances will be charged separately to the client. according to the respectively valid rates. Travel times are regarded as working time.

Terms of payment

The invoices of Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING are due immediately after receipt without deduction. Delivered goods remain property of Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING until full payment. In case of delay of payment 4% p.A. will be charged over the bank rate. The interest claim sets 10 working days after sending the invoice. After the service has been carried out, their and therefore and will be communicated by invoice. Only by additional agreement (part of) invoices will be issued after the agreed services have been rendered. The customer is not entitled to make payments due to incomplete total delivery, warranty, or or warranty claims or complaints.

Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING uses the electronic invoicing according to the guidelines of the sales tax law in Austria. Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING will send the customer the invoice(s) by mail at any time upon request.

Ownership reservation

If Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING delivers goods, the entire delivered goods remain the property of Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING until full payment of the purchase price. If the customer is in default with the payment, Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING can, without prejudice to other rights, take back the delivered goods to secure its rights, if it has announced this to the customer and set him a reasonable grace period.

Warranty and guarantee

The services provided by Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING are generally based on the following specifications and briefings of the client. For mistakes, misunderstandings and changes, which are due to false or incomplete information provided by the client, the client alone shall be responsible for the responsible. The client shall indemnify Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING against all claims, if any, arising from third parties, provided that the service of Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING which triggers the claim is based on the the templates made available to the customer. Defects in the services of Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING must be reported immediately after becoming aware of them be asserted in writing. Otherwise warranty claims are excluded. Regardless of the respective legal regulation Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING has the right, to improve his performance. Only after three failures of the reworking do the legal warranty claims of the client.


Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING shall be liable for culpa in contrahendo in the performance of the service to be rendered up to the amount of the invoice for the relevant order. Further claims for damages from breach of contract, from breach of duties during contract negotiations and from tort as well as further warranty claims are excluded. Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING assumes no liability for typographical errors in offers and for errors, which are objected to only after corrections and release by the client. Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING does not assume any liability for the texts, designs and measures created. Legal review. These examinations are carried out by the client through his own legal advisor.

Registration / Right of withdrawal It. Distance Selling Act

Not only written but also verbal or telephonic registrations and registrations by fax and e-mail are legally binding for applicants. If the booking of a distance selling, in particular by telephone, fax or e-mail, is at the disposal of the customer. Participants as consumers within the meaning of the KSchG have a legal right of withdrawal within the meaning of the Distance Selling Act within 7 working days (Saturday does not count as working day) calculated from conclusion of the contract. This does not apply to courses/seminars which have already been held within this 7 Working days from the conclusion of the contract begin. The withdrawal period shall be deemed to have been observed if the declaration of withdrawal is made within the period of is sent.


For cancellations within 2 weeks before the start of the event, 50% of the participation fee must be invoiced. Cancellations received less than 2 days prior to the event must be invoiced at 80% of the participation fee. The cancellation fee does not apply if you name a substitute participant. In the event of non-participation without prior cancellation, the entire participation fee must be charged.

Program and price changes

Due to long-term planning, organizational program changes are possible. A minimum number of participants is required for the majority of the events offered. If this minimum is not reached, the event can be cancelled. We also reserve the right to increase the listed prices after a 3-month period. Price quotations which are based on a printing error are not binding or are not guaranteed.

Withdrawal from the training contract

Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING.com reserves the right to exclude participants from attending the event without giving reasons. The already paid course fee will be refunded on a pro rata basis.

Cancellation/postponement of events

If an event is cancelled due to illness of the speaker or other unforeseen events, there is no entitlement to the event being held. Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event in good time. In the event of course cancellations or postponements, we cannot reimburse any expenses incurred. Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING reserves the right to use another trainer than announced in individual cases. Deviations from the course times stated in the course book are possible.

Confirmation of participation

If the participant has attended at least 75% of the event, a confirmation of participation can be requested. Confirmations of participation for events in previous years can no longer be issued for organizational reasons.

Terms of use

See https://www.learn4d365.com/learn4d365_terms_en.php - These Terms of Use are not a substitute for, but an addition to, our Terms and Conditions.


Should any provision of these terms and conditions be or become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. With the order, the client expressly grants Rene Gayer - MBS-TRAINING the right to use the services performed for him as a reference and for self-promotion.

Final provisions

Unless otherwise agreed, the terms and conditions applicable between fully qualified merchants shall apply. legal provisions exclusively according to Austrian law, even if the customer is a legal order is carried out abroad. Any disputes shall be exclusively subject to the the territorial jurisdiction of the court having jurisdiction as to the subject matter for the place of business of the contractor as agreed. For the sale to consumers in the sense of the consumer protection law, the above provisions shall only apply to the extent that the Consumer Protection Act does not necessarily provide for other provisions.

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