Covid-19 Information

Current Measures

Measures to support the current situation.

Due to the current developments, we are trying to take measures that will help our customers and thus perhaps the economy as well.

For the next four weeks, our platform should not burden our customers financially.

General information

The platform with the existing offer continues to operate as before (excluding technical interruptions). We will continue to expand and carry out our offer as long as possible. Interruptions in the expansion of the offer or the implementation of live broadcasts are, unfortunately, not excluded due to changed, future situations.

Existing Customers

All customers of our platform Learn4D365 /DACH/ international) who have placed their order or an extension in 2020 with us, will be able to use it additionally for approx. 1 month free of charge. This measure is implemented automatically.

New Customers

For new customers, there now is the possibility to buy our products at a very low price (approx. 60% discount) for the first year to support e-learning and home offices. The option for existing customers is then not effective.

The option to start with one year at the normal price is still available.

Customers of the last years

Customers who have left us in recent years are still able to use the Premium Account free of charge until April 30th, 2020 at your disposal. If you are interested, please contact


Last but not least, we kindly ask all the people in this world to assess the matter correctly and seriously and to implement the measures of the various states jointly and consistently. #stayathome #nextgen